About Privet Bali

PRIVET BALI, Bali Russian & CIS Tourism Society, is an organization of tour operator which is member of ASITA Bali who work with Russian and CIS Country market. PRIVET BALI is create on 1 September 2007 by the leaders of tour operator who have the same reason and commitment together to keep the relationship with Russian and CIS Country. The objective and strategic plan of PRIVET BALI in 2008 is "Increase the number of tourist from Russian & CIS Country to Indonesia and to make the better language quality of Bali Russian Speaking guide". We believe that with this good will together. the number of tourist from Russian & CIS Country market who will visit Indonesia especially Bali will be increase and some of little problem could be handle in a professional way.

Bali is the best destination for tourism in the world. The main target of people that would like to spend their holiday, business purpose, honeymooners, study, sport activities and others.

Our motto is "The good future for Indonesian Tourism especially Bali is become our responsibility together"